Á by Hekla (2018)

Nominated for Best Album of the year at the Icelandic Music Awards, 2019.

New album from Icelandic artist Hekla.

Hekla's music exists singularly. A one-off talent, emerging from no particular scene, ascribing to no particular rules. 

As a creative tool, the theremin - bizarre, unique, and rarely heard - can be expressive, intuitive and highly adaptable. In Hekla's hands, her instrument covers an enormous range, from skittering birdsong of high frequency chirrups and chirps, to grinding, tectonic sub-bass. We are given the throbbing, apocalyptic dread of 'Muddle' and the baroque beauty of traditional Icelandic hymn 'Heyr Himna Smi∂ur' in sequential tracks on the album's A-Side. Appropriately, she also writes that the album title - Á - is similarly multifaceted in her native Icelandic: "a river is an á and also it means ouch like when you hurt yourself, and also when you put something on top of something you put it á (on) something."

Produced, composed & recorded by Hekla Magnúsdóttir
Mixed & mastered by José Diogo Neves

Released by Phantom Limb, Brighton, UK, September, 2018.

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