Nõidus by OOPUS (2019)

Debut album of Estonian audiovisual folktronica band, OOPUS

OOPUS "NÕIDUS / SORCERY" represents many different faces of the band and invites you to discover magical and powerful world of traditional tunes with a modern twist.
OOPUS combines psy-ambient-techno-trad music with live visuals. Traditional instruments meet synthesizers and co-create this world of dance and wonder live. OOPUS takes bits and pieces of North European folk tunes and combines them with contemporary club culture mixing and matching old and new and making it relevant for contemporary audiences.

Nominated for Best Debut Album & Best Composer (Mari Meentalo) of the year at the Etnokulp (Estonian Folk Music Awards) 2019.

Recorded from April 27-29 at Clockwork Studios, Tartu, Estonia, 2018

Written, arranged & produced by OOPUS
Recorded & engineered by José Diogo Neves at Clockwork Studios, Tartu, Estonia
Mixed & mastered by José Diogo Neves

Mari Meentalo // vocal, flute, Estonian bagpipes, jew's harp, overtone whistle, hulusi, looper
Johannes Ahun // analog synthesizers
Aleksander Sprohgis // lights and visuals 

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